Cyst Update: I had surgery…


Peace Soulstars,

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I wanted to give you a quick update on my cyst situation by sharing my experience with the surgery.  I had a minor surgery to drain the cyst because I didn’t have the patience to continue to deal with the inflammation.  Besides, It had gotten extremely painful, irritating, and just became a nuisance to have this thing on my back not to mention how nasty it looked.   When I went for my doctor visit Thursday to follow up on how the antibiotics were working to shrink the cyst, I decided to just let him do the surgery.  It really wasn’t getting better even with antibiotics for a week.  After the doctor explained that the healing process was not going to be overnight and that surgical removal was the best thing to do I agreed to go through with the surgery.

My doctor and his assistant were very reassuring as they made me feel comfortable.  I was worried about the numbing medication via needle because I don’t like needles (who does?) but I can deal with them. My doctor told me that if I can handle getting my blood drawn than I should be able to handle this needle because the  needle he was going to use was smaller than the standard needle used when blood is drawn.  I perked up then! haha!  Getting my blood drawn is a piece of cake.  He even showed me the type of needle he would be using.   I appreciated him being patient with me and trying to make me feel comfortable.  I liked him so much that I wish he could be my primary physician but he’s a surgeon.  I don’t want to have to see him after this is all over…lol.  I just have a few more follow ups to track healing.

In addition to the fact that he had a great sense of humor and professionalism,  I trusted that my doctor knew what he was doing.   I felt that he cared about making me feel comfortable and getting the job done.  This helped me let go of a lot of my anxiety.  I do have general anxiety by the way but I keep it under control (most of the time) using deep breathing techniques, and meditation.  I’m currently exploring other calming practices including the use of crystals and healing stones in my meditation.

During the procedure , I remember talking a lot…lol…That’s what I do when I am comfortable around people (and when I’m nervous).  They were very easy to talk to.  I felt confident that this was not going to be as bad as I thought.   In the end, I only felt pressure in areas that were inflamed but I mostly used my deep breathing to keep me calm.  Thankfully, it worked because I felt very calm despite going under the “knife”.

I share all of this with you because I know many can relate to having anxiety.  You may have even experienced a cyst or something similar.  This experience taught me a few things:  One, don’t put off for tomorrow what could be done today.  I waited too long (until the cyst got inflamed) to address this issue.  It didn’t have to come to the point of surgery but you live and you learn.  Two,  shit happens.  Yes, my waiting too long to address this skin issue caused a cyst to develop but it could have been worse.  I can heal from this and life will continue to be great.  This does not mean that I did something wrong or that my health is in jeopardy.  It’s a warning from my body that I need to just pay attention to it more.

Lastly, I learned that deep breathing is a super power many of us aren’t aware of and/or just don’t use for various reasons.  I know for a fact that it helps in many circumstances not just during surgery but during typical every day situations.  I once used deep breathing to relieve pressure from my bladder after waiting too long to use the bathroom.  It worked because it kept me from peeing on myself and relieved my irritability.  You know the feeling.  How do you manage anxiety?  Everyone has it to an extent.  I would love to know if you meditate, use crystals, prayer, whatever the practice is.  This is a non-discriminatory zone.  We can all use different practices based on different beliefs without feeling like we are being judged for thinking differently from the other.  Next up, I’ll be sharing my experience with salt and epsom salt baths to detoxify, cleanse negative energy, and to relax.

Love and Light,





Cysts, ayurveda and antibiotics…In that order


Peace Soulstars,

As promised, I wanted to share my horrific experience with an epidermoid cyst which has developed on my back.  I’ve been dealing with this thing for quite a while (several months)  but it wasn’t causing me any problems until now.  I now truly regret waiting so long to address this.  Now, it’s extremely painful.  Currently, I’m on antibiotics while also using a natural antibiotic, turmeric.  I’ve also found that drinking a tea of apple cider vinegar (with “the mother“), raw honey, and lemon to be helpful in making me feel more comfortable at least.  Apple Cider Vinegar is antibacterial, anti-inflamatory, anti-fungal, antiviral among many others.  It’s anti everything that will prevent your body from being alkaline and it strengthens the immune system.  If you don’t know, now you know that disease cannot live in an alkaline body.  ;-)  My goal is to be as alkaline as possible.  Here’s how this cyst began.

The cyst developed about a year ago (approximately).  I know it sounds bad but just let me explain.  I used to exercise 3-4x a week at a Pure Barre Studio.  I was wearing sports bras and getting sweaty almost everyday.  Of course I took a shower after I was done but for some reason I can’t help but wonder if that contributed to the cyst developing.  Prior to that I had no issues with my skin.  About 6 or so months after doing Pure Barre consistently for the same amount of time every week I began to notice this small lump on my back where my bra usually rests.   The next few sentences may be a little too graphic for you so you’re welcome to skip down to the middle of the next paragraph at “I tried tea tree oil”…The bump had a tiny opening at the tip.  I could see what looked to be some cheesy like material ready to be excreted or drained from the tip.

At first I could drain it.  This is not really the best thing to do because it can contribute to inflammation if not done properly hence the whole reason I’m dealing with this situation.  So, I would just squeeze it and the yellowish cheesy material would come out.  I would do this until nothing else came out.  Well several months later I would do my regular routine of taking a shower and trying to drain this bump because the steam from the shower softens and opens up your pores.  It would only keep reappearing every few days as the sebum oils etc would build up.  I tried tea tree oil (diluted of course), a raw honey and cinnamon mask, apple cider vinegar (acv), bentonite clay pastes and other natural remedies to dry it up.  They helped to an extent but by the time I really started doing this it had gotten to the point of no return to its natural state.  As the opening became blocked and unable to drain, the problem turned to disaster. The cyst got bigger and more annoying.  That’s when I started the epsom salt baths which helped but I ended up stopping because we were in transition (moving) and we were staying at my mom’s temporarily.   Salt baths and baths with epsom salts, baking soda, and lavender oil (sometimes tea tree) were not only relaxing but helped start the process of shrinking the cyst naturally.

There was so much going on that I didn’t feel as though I had the time or energy to tend to this “situation”.  My mom tried to help by putting some type of tea tree oil on it (more of a synthetic form).   I just about tried so many natural remedies but one day I woke up and it was sore (inflamed, warm to the touch).   As soon as we got moved into our home I found a doctor who prescribed an antibiotic for me to take which he said should shrink it.  I’ve been on the antibiotic since Wednesday.   I experienced itching  and soreness at first.  The itching was so disrespectful!  It was better than pain but it literally itched all day and night.  Then, the pain returned.  So between the itching and pain I guess it’s safe to say that the antibiotic must be doing its thing aka “knocking this inflammation out”!

Right now (Saturday) as I am typing I feel more comfortable as I’ve taken my two daily doses of antibiotics, had my turmeric smoothie this am, and drank my acv tea this evening! *deep sigh*  To be honest, after drinking the acv tea I always seem to feel better instantly.   I’m willing to do whatever it takes! I just might jump in the tub with epsom salts tonight too! LOL…I am convinced that I must be more consistent with my healthy lifestyle.  Those salt baths are everything! If you have not tried a salt bath either with sea salt or epsom salts (which are obviously two different things but both effective for detoxing) you have got to try them.

I plan to use a more integrative approach to healing my body. Therefore, I’m incorporating the use of an antibiotic in addition to ayurveda by using epsom salt baths, turmeric internally in the form of smoothies and teas along with drinking my acv tea.  We shall see how this turns out! I have a doctor’s appointment coming up on Thursday! So, I’ll keep y’all posted!  I hope everyone found some sense of peace during this long weekend.   We had family over for the weekend and had lots of laughs which was good for me.  It took my mind off of my pain and discomfort.   Peace to everyone for a great short week ahead!

Love and Light,


What I’ve been up to…



Peace Soulstars,

Is it really September and I let a whole month go by without blogging?  Shame on me!  The nerve!  In my attempt to scold myself for being M.I.A. for a while I want you all to know there’s a legitimate excuse that keeps me from being too hard on myself.   There’s a reason that  August was pretty much non existent on the blog and the one year anniversary (August 15th) of got completely overlooked!  *deep sigh* That is a huge accomplishment by the way which deserves its own post (Coming Soon!).

Lots of transitions have been taking over my life as of late including a move back to my hometown, the DMV!  I wanted to just briefly take the time to explain that the lack of posts for the past month have been due  to my shift of focus solely being on packing and moving in a nutshell.  It’s been quite the experience because it was our third move in three years.  Yes, every Labor Day weekend for the last three years we have moved.  We moved to Boston in 2014, moved to another apartment (same complex) in 2015 and this year we moved to the DMV!  This will be the last move for a LONG time! I’m speaking it into existence!! *hands up to the universe*

Speaking of the universe, I almost lost my mind just a little bit (haha) but I discovered how beneficial mindfulness meditation is in maintaining my sanity.  Right now as we speak the house is still filled with boxes and I’m okay with that for someone who despises disorder.  If ever you’re faced with so many things going on at one time some of which are beyond your control make it mandatory to take time out for yourself to enjoy life.  Appreciate the “little things”.

Treat yourself to some ice cream (or a smoothie for my health conscious folks), go for a walk, get outside…Do whatever you like to do that represents life and forces you to slow down!   Focus on that one thing and take every second and minute to enjoy every morsel of “life”.  That is mindfulness.  Then you can go back to dealing with the chaos with a cool head.   We all need balance.  We need the stress to learn how to deal with challenges when they arise because there’s no escaping stress.  We can minimize it but not totally omit it.  At the end of the day, regardless of the craziness life still goes on.  Remind yourself that this is only temporary.

Well, we’re all moved in now but still lots of organizing and unpacking to do among a plethora of other things that have tested my ability to remain calm like dealing with the MVA.  In other news, in case some of you didn’t know I do have an instagram where I post more frequently with shorter more straight to the point inspirational posts.  I share my experiences in getting closer to my higher self, the mistakes lessons (because I’m human) in this journey called life, and my fascination in rediscovering the use of crystals.  Manifestation at its best!  You can find me on insta at amanisoul_.  I’m also on snapchat as missangiebee.   So many blessings and new beginnings have my level of gratitude on high!  Not only am I thankful for this next chapter.  I am also thankful that I still have my loyal audience which is you who hasn’t quit on me during the time of my absence.  Life happens and  I know y’all understand that.  So, thank you!

The break stops here though.   I needed to take time to focus on packing, preparing for the move etc.  If you’ve been there done that than you know what it all entails.  I honestly could not focus on blog posts so I would post here and there to instagram because it was just easier with the way my lifestyle was at the time of transitioning.  Transitioning is still in effect as we get used to new surroundings, people, and everything else thrown our way but we are taking it one day at a time.  Been working on new posts which I plan to start sharing soon including one about an epidermoid cyst that  has developed on my back.  I’ll discuss how I plan to use an integrative approach to healing myself because I’ll be using an antibiotic (per Doctor’s orders) in addition to natural remedies for the inflammation.  Until next time,  I hope you all have a peaceful weekend!

Love and Light,


Where there’s darkness there is light…


“Sometimes in order to get to the light we must find our way through the dark.” ~ Amanisoul

Peace Soulstars,

I know we are bombarded with positivity all of the time to the point where it can get overwhelming.  There’s pressure to be something that we cannot be all of the time.  Happiness is great but there are days when we just don’t feel happy even in gratitude.  Everyone is going through something and it’s hard to face that something when you have everyone telling you “BE happy!” and “BE positive!”  You end up pretending to be okay when you’re really not.   Sometimes you have to take the mask off or just throw it away, burn it; whatever you need to do.   Just be in the moment even if that means you need to take a day to be in your feelings so to speak.  We are not a perfect people.  We are much more complex than we think.  Yes, we want more positivity but with positive there is also negative.  Balance is key.  How would we know what “positive” is if we did not experience it’s arch nemesis?  We must have one with the other in order to understand life  ourselves.   In order to understand life’s ups and downs we must begin with self.  It’s as simple as that.

Ignoring negative thoughts and feelings does nothing for your emotional and spiritual growth.  You certainly don’t learn how to deal with adversity or how to protect yourself from negative energy.   When you avoid your “demons”, problems, etc.  you end up with repressed issues that keep you stagnant in your relationships, careers, and life in general.  That’s why there are a bunch of people running around unhappy, lost and lashing out at people that have done nothing to them.  They turn to drugs, alcohol, food and other vices to cope.  They breed negative energy because they have not learned how to cope with it in a way that serves them.  There’s no balance.  They hold onto anger, resentment, and hate while letting it control them.   This leads to conflict, chaos, and in many cases violence.  Most of us really don’t want this.  It isn’t a part of our nature to constantly breed negativity and chaos.  Hurt people hurt people.  That’s why it’s imperative to dig deeper to get to the root of your problems rather then continue to keep them hidden.  Sometimes in order to get to the light we need to find our way through the dark.

The ultimate goal for most of us is to obtain inner peace which is necessary to generate peace around us.  When negative thoughts and feelings arise, acknowledge them,  feel them, and let nature take its course.  Just try not to let them control you.  If this is difficult to do you know you need to make a change because the first step is acknowledging that you don’t have  control.  The next step is deciding what to do about it.  Once you get to know your negative side you will be able to find positive ways to manage it.  This way, you  take control of how you think, feel, and act not let your emotions take control of you.   When you become the master of yourself you not only understand yourself better but you also understand others more.

Until next time, just take mental notes of how you respond emotionally, psychologically, physically, behaviorally, and socially.   Sounds like a lot but it is do-able.  Keep in mind that you are a work in progress and continue to seek ways to enjoy life.  A new day is a new beginning.  Next week we’ll explore what to do after you’ve identified the negative thoughts and feelings.

Love and Light,





Don’t forget the window sills…


Peace Soulstars,

I have not been blogging as much lately due to some major life changes ahead for myself and my family. Good things though!   We also were away for a week on a mini vacay in which we took care of business as well.  Many positive manifestations happening right now including a major move.  As I’ve been taking time to purge physical things prior to moving out of our apartment I have also been continuing the process of purging emotional and mental handicaps including people, the past, problems, situations and the like.

This morning I opened the curtains to raise the blinds and decided to check out the window sills.  I have noticed build up over time but neglected to clean them.  After noticing the filth, I proceeded to grab a cleaner and paper towels and wiped those bad boys down!  I also thought about how breathing that stuff is in is terrible for your body.  As I proceeded to clean the build up of dirt, pollen, and other debris, I felt so much better.  I remember when we first moved in I made sure I wiped the window sills whenever I dusted because it looked so much better to me.  It was also easier to clean because I did it regularly.  Over time I had forgotten about them so it took a little more effort to clean this time but it got done.

As you know, the window sills are the surface at the bottom of a window on the interior side.  I place emphasis on “interior” for a reason.  Stay with me.  Underneath the grime was a clean, fresh surface which was so much more pleasing to my senses including my soul.  This brings me to my point.  We tend to forget those little crevices that are an important part of our environment/living space and often get overlooked as time progresses.  We concentrate mostly on the larger, outer surfaces while neglecting those small spaces and corners that need cleaning too.  It happens so easily because those small areas aren’t usually seen by the naked eye.  You have to look closer.  Usually, this doesn’t happen until we are sneezing, coughing, or just get tired of looking at it because sometimes we notice but put it off😉.

The same goes for us as spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies.  We often forget to cleanse our souls of build up from  years of toxic people, situations, problems, etc.  Purging and cleansing are an important part of starting anew.  For example, when moving try purging your space of anything unnecessary before packing.  While going through items, ask yourself “Does this serve me?” “Do I have a need for this or am I holding onto it just because?”  That is when you know you need to let it go.

This is a great way to get into the mindset of cleansing yourself of anything that does not serve you.  Removing layers of build up will do wonders for your life in all areas.  In order to grow, change, and improve yourself from the inside out it’s imperative to check in to those areas regularly.  It’s preventative and helps improve overall health.  Once you purge and cleanse you can start fresh which will allow you to move forward mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   When you have those three down the physical will have no choice but to follow suit.

Remember to set time aside daily or weekly (whatever fits your lifestyle best) to check in.  If you need to write it down, write it down or put a reminder in your phone until it becomes second nature.  Do what works for you and feel better! If you need to set the reminder as “Don’t forget the window sills!”.

Love and Light,


Word of the day: Discernment

Peace Soulstars,

I’m embarking on this total body wellness journey with spirituality being at the forefront of this transformation.  While doing so, I am coming across many terms, phrases, quotes and images which are inspiring as well as crucial to my understanding of self.   Today’s word: discernment.  There are many forms of discernment but the general definition is the ability to decide between truth and error; right and wrong.  As I learn myself all over again I realize that I need to bend my mind a little (a lot in some cases).  The mind stays stagnant if we don’t challenge it.  We need to challenge our minds consistently or change will not occur.  It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from.  We can all use sources of inspiration to get that energy flowing within and push us to do more thinking and less believing.  Yes, I meant to say that.   MORE thinking and LESS believing.  If you follow me cool but if you are giving me virtual side eye I urge you to just take a second to stretch your mind right here.  Step outside of the box for a minute or longer while I break this down.

More times than not when we BELIEVE we don’t question.  We don’t leave room for error.  It is finalized and we are not open to infinite possibilities.   In simple terms, we just don’t think.   It’s easier to just take what we hear as truth and nothing further.  Life is full of infinite possibilities which include mystery and the unknown which we often fear.  So, what do we do to cope?  Among the distractions, vices,etc., we establish all of these beliefs  which do come in handy to an extent but can also hinder our growth.  In order to grow we must be able to accept that everything is not always the way it seems.

Someone may tell us something and we are quick to believe it for the simple fact that we trust the source.   Have you ever been let down by someone who you trusted all to realize that you got mind-fucked?  Oooh, harsh words you say? We live in a harsh reality I say.   Step a little further away from the box if you thought my choice of word was too explicit.    It is just an outright way of saying that you were bamboozled, you were tricked, and it burned you so deep that you were emotionally impacted by the person you thought you trusted.  The person you thought you believed.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t trust anybody…No, wait…Actually, it would be advisable to not fully trust others or place higher expectations on them than what is realistic.  Even people who have been by your side during the toughest times can disappoint you if you let them.  As I hop back on the topic (I took a little leap there) at hand,  let me stress that I am not in any way encouraging you to be pessimistic or look for the negative.  What I’m saying is when it comes to people, places, things, information you must always remain vigilant.  Be aware of the fact that everyone and everything cannot be all good and definitely not all-knowing.  Don’t be so quick to believe everything you hear, see, touch or taste.  You get the point.

Bottom line, it’s okay to think for yourself.  It’s okay to question and have an opinion.  It’s even okay to believe to the point where you question things.  I said LESS believing not NO believing at all.  There is a difference.    While you’re at it, let’s work on less judging because the two go hand in hand.  When we have certain beliefs we use them against others to judge the way they think, look, and behave.  Hell, we all judge but what matters is whether you are aware or not.

At the end of the day do what serves you best.  Ask yourself does it serve me to judge other people or would it benefit me more to have an open mind?   Our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs are usually based on our experiences.  Although, many times we disregard our experiences and move on to just believing because it goes along with what we think and feel.  Seek the  understanding that we can all co-exist in harmony with our differences in tact if we take the time to step outside of our boxes and look around, talk to people of different ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, listen and we just might realize that what we thought was truth was actually a misconception or a lie.  Start by questioning this blog post.  ;-)

Love and Light,


Meditation…My Most Important Lessons

“Meditation is emptying your mind completely of all belief, ideology, concept, thought.  Only in an empty mind when there is no dust left on the mirror truth reflects.” ~Osho

Peace Soulstars,

The above quote is from “The Book of Wisdom” by Osho which I have yet to finish because it’s filled with so much wisdom that I have to pace myself.  I take notes in the margins and everything.  I highly recommend it.  Many may find this “mindless” concept of meditation questionable.  It has even become quite controversial but just like with any other information you take it as just that.  It is information.  Use it how you see fit.  What is truth to one is not truth to the other.

Meditation is all in what you make it out to be.  It does not always have to consist of you sitting “mindlessly” in lotus position while deep breathing.  For example, this past weekend my meditation consisted of creating my vision board (finally).  Most of the time I  do sit in lotus position while deep breathing as I let the thoughts that enter my mind pass like clouds in the sky.  My understanding is that it is okay to have thoughts while meditating.  It is what the mind does.  The key is not letting the thoughts control your feelings and/or distract you from your peace of mind.  Also, have fun!  Meditating should not be stressful.  It defeats the purpose if it is.

I’ve meditated off and on in the past but my most successful experience with meditating began when I used the app Headspace.  I did the free 10 minute daily sessions which helped me understand what I was doing, why, and how to begin.  From there, I began meditating on my own and found that I was able to meditate for 10 minutes without a timer or other guidance.  This intrigued me as I found that the mind truly is more powerful than we give it credit.  It was nonstop from then on which led me to learn how to meditate in other ways besides sitting still.  Though I do enjoy sitting still and find it very effective.

In the months that I have been practicing daily meditation for at least 15- 20 minutes (sometimes longer) here are a few lessons I’ve learned:

  • There are many creative, effective ways to meditate.  Do not just stick to one method
  • You can meditate anywhere when you really get the hang of it
  • Learning to let my thoughts come and go without reacting to them helped me resist feeling (letting thoughts control you)
  • I was able to tune out the physical state (sounds, distractions, tension/pains in the body) by focusing on the breath and breathing  causing me to relax
  • It is okay to lose focus at times as thoughts take you off track but what’s important is that you bring your awareness back to the breath

I’ll be sharing some of my experiences with meditation.  I think many of you will find it interesting how I learned to take life to a whole other level by learning how to connect with my spiritual self.  I hope you find this helpful in establishing a meditation practice of your own.  Remember, everyone is different with different needs and starting from different points in their journey.  When you understand that, you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of meditation.

Love and Light,


Have you had your tea today?


Peace Soulstars,

Do you ever think about what you put into your body first thing in the morning before eating breakfast (assuming that you do eat breakfast)?  Breakfast is that meal in the morning which you consume to break the “fast” so to speak.  Typically, at night we go to bed for at least 6-8 hours without eating or drinking anything.  This is considered a fast.  So, you break the fast when you eat in the morning.   Hence the reason why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day.   It is imperative to not only eat breakfast but you must also hydrate yourself.  Dehydration leads to all sorts of problems and your organs need hydration in order to work properly.  So, before we even start thinking about what to eat we need to remind ourselves of the importance of getting those organs to function.  Then, we can move onto feeding ourselves after our body’s are ready to digest properly.

Question:  Who drinks coffee early in the am before doing anything else? Who does not drink anything but goes straight for that donut, bagel or whatever your breakfast of choice? Who just skips it altogether because they just “ain’t  got  time for all of that”?  Well, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t start your day off at least with a glass of water but my drink of choice is tea.  I love tea!  I sometimes make my own with steamed water, raw honey, and a sprinkle of ginger and cinnamon depending on my needs.  Simple yet satisfying and healthy to boot.  Green tea is my jam though!!  The Republic of Tea makes double matcha green tea and matcha green tea powder which are high in antioxidants and in price (depends on your perception of “high”)  but it is worth it in the end.  You’re paying for the quality but do your research to find what works best for you.  Consider it an investment in your health so you won’t have to shuck out loads of money later in life on doctor’s visits😉  So, tell me….Do you drink green tea?  How do you get your hydration on in the am?

Love and Light,


It’s the “little” things!



Peace Soulstars,

The picture above is from our trip to Scarborough, Maine over a week ago and the views were just breathtaking.  The beach we visited was just as beautiful and clean with air so crisp it was surreal.  The above picture is from a historical site Fort Williams Park where we took in the scenery as we later discovered more landmarks including the Old Goddard Mansion, a nearby lighthouse, and cliff walk.  Life is much more beautiful than we sometimes think if we just take the time to enjoy the “little things” right before us.

I made sure to walk on the beach, look around at the water, the sea gulls, the sky, people surfing etc.  I have been embarking on this journey of self discovery as I get to know myself while getting more connected to God and nature.  I have to get outside everyday.  Rain or shine.  No exceptions.  The weather is warming up and that is enough of a reason to get outside.  Amongst the craziness of that which can be life with the everyday hustle and bustle among other things we must stop and just BE.  Be aware of yourself, your surroundings, breathing, the here and now.  You owe it to yourself to do this regularly.  Everyday in fact.  You don’t have to be in Maine to do so either.  There is beauty all around us if we just stop and take the time to pay attention.   We aren’t on this earth in this form for long so don’t take it for granted.  Here are more pics from our trip:











Love and Light,




DIY Sugar Wax Recipe and Tutorial

Peace Soulstars,

I hope this post finds you all well.   If you don’t know yet I also have a youtube channel (also entitled Amanisoul).  It started off as a beauty/natural haircare channel  but it has become more about my holistic lifestyle due to my most current interests.  I still incorporate the natural haircare aspect to the beauty portion of the channel which includes all things natural beauty.

Speaking of natural beauty I just posted a video to my channel which is a 2 in 1 (two videos in one) as I shared a recipe and tutorial for a diy sugar wax.   This video was specifically waxing for the underarms.   The sugar wax only requires three ingredients which you may already have in your kitchen! As a matter of fact I am pretty sure that most of you have all three of these ingredients: lemon juice, sugar, and water.  Boom, there you have it! lol…This was my most recent and successful sugar wax to date where I show you how to make it and how to apply it.  I also discuss the pros and cons of using sugar wax.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful! If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to share your experiences using sugar wax comment below!

Love and Light,