Melanie Fiona’s Truth about Motherhood

Peace Soulstars,

Sometimes I find myself struggling with what to post on the blog because I don’t want to be generic.   Not only do I prefer my food to be organic but being genuine and my true self play a major part in my lifestyle.  I take much pride in my crafts which include writing this blog.  I put my heart into everything I do.  I especially appreciate the support from you all, my wonderful audience.  I think highly of you which is why I call you my “soulstars”.  I don’t just blog for the sake of posting content.  I blog to inspire.  With that said I thought that the following video would be inspiring, enlightening and possibly motivational for you; specifically the mothers or soon-to-be mothers.  Speaking of organic and realness, this new mom shares the reality of her motherhood journey.

The following video is a must watch for those who have experienced pregnancy and motherhood.   Melanie Fiona keeps it real and I give her major kudos for sharing her story.  I wish I had received a message like this during my pregnancy and right after because I had a serious reality check.   It would have been comforting to know that I was not alone or losing my mind.  My experience was not to the extreme that Mel experienced.  I too suppressed my feelings of failure and lack of bliss so many often speak of after having a baby.

Don’t get me wrong.  I was grateful and happy to be a mother but I struggled with living up to these false expectations that I placed on myself.  I rolled with the punches on the outside but inside was a different story.  I suppressed my feelings because that is the way I knew how to deal.  It could’ve been worse but far too many than not talk about pregnancy and post baby “bliss” rather than keeping it real about the difficulties.  Being vulnerable is not something we usually tend to discuss.  It’s an uncomfortable place to be but being uncomfortable can strengthen us.

It is so taboo to discuss postpartum depression, pregnancy, and/or delivery issues including pressure from others to “bounce back” to your pre-pregnancy weight.  As if mothers don’t have enough to deal with we worry about body changes.  I gained ALOT of weight during my pregnancy and many people did not hesitate to so rudely and insensitively point that out to me.  I’m so inspired by this that I will be doing a video for my Youtube channel’s mental health series where I share my full story.  Honestly, I’ve been holding back because it’s so personal and a touchy subject but if it can help another woman going through the same or similar experience it is all worth it.  In the video below, Melanie Fiona shares her truth.

Love and Light,



Author: Angelica

Angelica is my name. I'm a licensed graduate social worker from the DMV who has love for everything mind, body, soul related. A devoted wife and mother whose interests include music, art, yoga, books, exercise, meditation, and cooking. Amanisoul is a synthesis of the name "Amani" which means harmony and peace in swahili and the word "soul" which means essence or spiritual self. Discovering one's inner peace involves being healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I make it my mission to spread the word on how to achieve balance in all of these areas.

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