Foodie Tuesdays: Portobello fajitas!


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Peace Soulstars,

I’ve been in the mood for meatless meals lately and found this awesome recipe on the for veggie fajitas.   The site is equally as awesome by the way.   I tried this recipe last week and loved it!  This meal is a combination of some of my favorite things which include mexican and mushrooms!  The key to stir fry is not to let your veggies cook too long which is usually indicated by the loss of vibrance in the color and crunch factor.  This recipe specifies cooking the veggies on a medium to low temperature and no longer than 3-4 minutes (depending on how hot your stove gets).  It also allows you to play around with toppings.  I chose a homemade guacamole to add to the veggies.  Heating up the tortilla is a good touch to the overall quality of the meal.  You also get a powerful punch of flavor from the seasonings which include cumin and chili powder (some of my favorites).  If you are a likeminded soul looking for a quick healthy meal for anytime of the day, check out the recipe here.

Love and Light,



Author: Angelica

Angelica is my name. I'm a licensed graduate social worker from the DMV who has love for everything mind, body, soul related. A devoted wife and mother whose interests include music, art, yoga, books, exercise, meditation, and cooking. Amanisoul is a synthesis of the name "Amani" which means harmony and peace in swahili and the word "soul" which means essence or spiritual self. Discovering one's inner peace involves being healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I make it my mission to spread the word on how to achieve balance in all of these areas.

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