Superfood Wednesdays: Mushrooms!


Health Benefits of Mushrooms

  • Lowers elevated cholesterol levels
  • Improves bone density
  • Regulates insulin levels
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Improves immune function
  • High in iron, antioxidants, Vitamins B2, B3, and D
  • Contributes to body’s alkalinity

Peace Soulstars,

Mushrooms are a fave of mine as noted in the previous post.  If you’re not a fan you may want to skip this post altogether unless you’re feeling adventurous.  If not, no worries.  Everything ain’t for everybody.  So, I decided to discuss the health benefits of the star of Tuesday’s recipe.  Portobello Mushrooms.  I believe different types have different properties but I’m just speaking about mushrooms in general today.  They’re fresh on my mind because I’ve been using them frequently.

I wanted to share the wealth of knowledge I’m acquiring about different foods and their health benefits.  At the end of the day what we eat is either contributing to or preventing disease.  Not sure about you but I’m all about prevention.  I’m not about that conventional medicine life nor am I a fan of always being in the doctor’s office.  With that said as pictured above mushrooms have quite the resume in the healthy department.  The simple fact that it strengthens the immune system and is an alkaline food is good enough for me because the more alkaline your body is the less susceptible to developing disease you are.  Not only are mushrooms healthy but they are so versatile.

Pictured: Fritatta with mushrooms
Pictured: Mushroom pesto pizza with sauteed kale
Pictured: Warm mushroom salad

I love them in and with just about anything during anytime of the day.  Mushrooms can be incorporated in every meal.  I’ve had them in my breakfast frittatas and omelets, for lunch in salads or stir fry and for dinner as I have made a pesto mushroom pizza with kale.  The possibilities are endless! Enjoy exploring new ways to incorporate this superfood into your lifestyle.  If you have any tips or other ways you incorporate mushrooms into your meals please share the love in the comments!

Love and Light,




Author: Angelica

Angelica is my name. I'm a licensed graduate social worker from the DMV who has love for everything mind, body, soul related. A devoted wife and mother whose interests include music, art, yoga, books, exercise, meditation, and cooking. Amanisoul is a synthesis of the name "Amani" which means harmony and peace in swahili and the word "soul" which means essence or spiritual self. Discovering one's inner peace involves being healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I make it my mission to spread the word on how to achieve balance in all of these areas.

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