Spiritual Thursdays: Awakenings…



Peace Soulstars,

Most of you have heard of the term “awakening“.  Some may not be aware of the paradigm shift which is affecting the consciousness of many.  In short, this paradigm shift involves changing from an old way of thinking and doing things to a new way.  It’s more complex when you start to really look into what all comprises this shift but in general terms it is just about “out with the old, in with the new”.   We’re all witnessing these changes before our eyes.  Depending on your level of consciousness you get it while others not so much.   You miss the mark when you automatically assume that the outcome or goal is to become positive all of the time.  Another misconception is that the process is a pleasant experience.


Unless you’re living under a rock, you notice that people are changing   their lifestyle to include what they eat, the way they live, how they treat one another and even to the extent of questioning their life purpose.  Then, on a larger scale we even begin to make changes on a macro level where we not only question what affects us in our immediate surroundings but on a global scale.  Hence, the increase of protests against police brutality, violence in general, and citizens using their voice to bring awareness to other social issues.

There are levels to awareness and they are different for everyone because all of us on our own path.   It’s not all what it seems either.  That’s why it’s not for the fainthearted and when things get really real you either push through or fold by returning to the old ways.  Ego is not your friend during enlightenment. It’s not all positive either.  I could list some signs but they vary depending on the person and I don’t want to evoke any feelings of inferiority if you find that you cannot relate.  I think the following puts it simply and has more universal meaning:


Love and light,



Spiritual Thursdays: Attention Goes Where Energy Flows



Peace Soulstars,

Many say “attention goes where energy flows”.  In other words, this means that input determines output.  This concept is related to the law of attraction which is somewhat controversial because some feel that it’s b.s.  It depends on the situation, individual, circumstances and many other factors whether the law of attraction rings true.  Generally speaking,  It’s quite accurate but feel free to test the theory.  In the meantime, I’ll do what works for me.

Think of how you start your day off on the wrong foot and then as you continue to go throughout the day you are still harping on that one thing that went wrong.  Enter a never ending series of complaints… Inevitably, a few more unlikely situations follow the rhythm that you set for the day.  Once you start off with the intentions that have a negative undertone you’re setting yourself up for failure.  The best way to set the rhythm for the day is to start off understanding and knowing that first, no day is “perfect”.

You choose whether or not you will let situations control you or not based on your reaction.  Then, decide to focus your energy on what serves your highest and greatest good.  Easier said than done….I know. Trust me when I say it’s possible.  I’ve come a LOOOOONNNNGGG way.

Love and Light,






Self Care Fridays: Listen to your body.



Peace Soulstars,

If you don’t practice self love you will be of no value to yourself or others.  I learned a valuable lesson this week:  Listen to your body.

A few days ago I decided I wanted to do yoga although I haven’t been practicing as much as I need to. Well, I did a thirty minute yoga sequence which targeted the root chakra.  The root chakra is the foundation of all chakras.  This sequence included a few garland poses and I think I went a little too far.  After I was done I noticed vaginal spotting which was unusual for me because I normally don’t have any issues with this happening.

I immediately associated it with the yoga because I had just finished.  I reached out to some yogis I know of and all advised me to seek medical attention. Well, I did.  My nurse practitioner told me that based on what I described, it was hormonal.  There were no other symptoms, pap test was recent and normal. She advised me to keep an eye on it and as long as it doesn’t continue there should be no problem.  That was a relief but I also kept in mind that I may have pushed myself too far.

Listen to your body.  Always.  I cannot stress this enough.  I’ve been doing so much spiritually which includes trying to get back into my yoga practice.  At the same time I need to pace myself.  If there’s anything I learned from what happened this week it’s that we need to be gentle with our bodies.  If you know you haven’t been consistent with your physical exercise and other practices that can strain your body you need to start off with ease.  Don’t push yourself too much because you can do more harm than good.  Take things one day at a time.

Love and Light,


Spiritual Thursdays: Chakras…An Introduction.


When you’re alignment is so strong that nothing and no one can lower your vibrations…GOALS!

Peace Soulstars,

So, Monday I shared my thoughts on putting in work.  I know that I’ve named many spiritual practices which can be overwhelming if you don’t pace yourself.  Don’t try them all at once.  That’s the beauty of this life.  There are a variety of things to keep you motivated and stimulated so you can stay motivated.  I’m just putting the information out there.  We need to advocate as much as possible about wellness with emphasis on mind, body, connection.  Our bodies are real powerhouses.  We just need to learn how to tap into the power that lies within.

Mindbodygreen.com is one of my favorite sites for all things wellness.  They have many articles on the chakras.  Here is an article from the site which gives you a general yet thorough description of the 7 main chakras.  I hope you find it helpful.  I’ll be sharing more about chakras as I learn more through books like The Power of Chakras.  I hope you find this helpful!

Love and Light,


Inspire Me Mondays: Want change? You gotta put in work.

“Faith without works is dead…”

Peace Soulstars,

So often we’re bombarded with the notion that we need to “think and be positive”. Then we have the audacity to add “no matter what’s going on”.  More times than not we think that this means we must ignore the negative thoughts and feelings altogether.  This is where we make a huge mistake.  Being positive doesn’t mean that you should ignore what makes you uncomfortable.  It’s the same concept as taking medicine instead of treating the root of the problem when addressing an illness.  The medicine only scratches at the surface.  If you don’t get to the cause of the problem it’s pointless to just treat the symptoms.  The problem will still be there.  You can try to recite all of the mantras and affirmations in the world, you can read books, and even follow your favorite spiritual gurus on instagram and youtube.  If you don’t put in the work, you are just moving around in circles going nowhere.  Thinking positive alone is not going to cut it if you haven’t addressed what brings you pain.

Real talk.  I am speaking from experience when I say that “faith without works is dead”.   I used to go to church, hear the “word”, sing and clap along to the choir but when I went home I didn’t follow through.  I didn’t continue to do the work when the real tests came along.  Therefore, I stayed stagnant.  You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t apply the knowledge you receive.  Knowledge is powerful when applied.  Then it becomes wisdom.  That’s where the power comes from.  Wisdom is power.  Don’t let another day go by without putting in the work.  It takes a lot of courage to dive deep.  You have to hold that mirror up to your face with flaws and all.  I’m not talking about the aesthetic flaws either.  I’m referring to what causes you pain.  Once you start identifying where your pain is coming from and you sit in those feelings you have only begun to dig deeper.    No, it’s not easy but how do you think that rose grew from concrete?   It had to put in work to continue to grow even though it was deemed to be impossible.

Love and Light,


Self-Care Fridays: When in doubt, write it out…



“Pick up the pen of hope and write on the tablet of faith.  Write with grace.  Write with flourish.  Write with passion.  Write with freedom.”

Peace Soulstars,

Journaling has become an intricate part of my spiritual work.  I have journals for different purposes.  I have one journal that I consecrated to be used solely for my New Moon ritual.  I don’t use it for anything else but my new intentions that I set for the ritual as each new moon occurs.  I have journals full of quotes, notes from books I’ve been reading,  one I use to record my dreams, and another solely for prayers.  It’s interesting how I went from hardly journaling to having a journal for different purposes…lol…I still have some of my journals/diaries from years ago which I’ve gone back to read.  Honestly, some of my questions about the past have been answered after I’ve referred to my old diaries.  That’s why it’s important to journal.  It may be helpful to look back at where you’ve been and how much you’ve grown.  My have I grown.

Anyway,  I find journaling to be very helpful in the process of healing, reflecting, and moving forward as I set new intentions.  I’m ridding myself of the old to make room for the new.  It’s actually harder than I thought it would be but it’s do-able.  Good thing about journaling is there are no rules.  I’m not a fan of rules.  I like freedom.  Journaling allows you to express yourself freely.  You don’t even have to use complete sentences if you don’t want to.   Write words or phrases, quotes, or whatever moves you.  If you want to write a page full of cuss words to express how you are feeling or what you’re thinking,  have at it!  The point of journaling is different depending on the person.  For me, journaling serves many purposes but one that I find very helpful is that journaling is a great release.

If any of you have kids I strongly encourage you to get them a journal and/or diary that they can use for releasing as well.  Kids are so often treated as if their thoughts and feelings don’t matter.  You know the old notion “Kids should be seen and not heard.”  I’ve never liked it.  It conditions them to think that what they think and feel doesn’t matter. They end up bottling up their thoughts and feelings which does more harm than good.  Journaling will allow them the freedom to express whatever they need to at least get it out and not hold onto what needs to be released.  Whether you’re a kid or not we all can benefit from release.

Love and light,


Spiritual Thursdays: You’re not crazy, you’re just waking up

5 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

  1.  You feel as though your life is false or empty.
  2.  You’re completely lost.
  3.  You intuitively know that there’s something “more” to life.
  4.  You’re starting to question everything you’ve been taught.
  5.  You feel the need to be alone more often.

Can you relate?  You’re not alone.


Peace Soulstars,

First, I want to stress that these general symptoms are subjective.  You don’t have to have them all but in some way you can identify with them.  Remember, these are only five of many symptoms.  A spiritual awakening (enlightenment) experience is different for everybody.  So, it’s quite difficult to “define” but easier to describe.  Based on my experience, my spiritual awakening began with a “change” in my subconscious which affected how I perceived the world and myself.   There was a desire for a deeper meaning of life which usually involves an urge to explore one’s life purpose.  Because of this urge to explore deeper meanings, understandings, and discovering your life purpose you’ll begin to question a LOT.  It also doesn’t  happen all at once.


It may be questioning your religion and other beliefs, what you eat, what’s going on in the world, the news, media etc.  You start to detach yourself from societal norms and standards that you once followed as you realize you followed blindly.  You may feel a connection to a higher power or desire connection to a higher power.  Feeling a heightened sense of compassion for others including animals, the planet, and issues that don’t just affect you directly.


You may think you’re going crazy or something is wrong with you but actually you are awakening.  I like to refer to it as “remembering” or “returning” to your authentic self because you’re not technically “changing”.  You are just waking up from a slumber so to speak.  It was bound to happen because of the cosmic shift.  The cosmic shift represents a shift in consciousness where people are starting to recognize their connection to the universe and each other as a whole.  A need to shed oneself of old habits, patterns, behaviors and thought processes plays a huge part in the subconscious change during one’s awakening.


Here’s something else that’s interesting…You can have more than one awakening.  There are levels to this because life is complex.   Awakenings don’t just flow in a specific order starting and then ending in one cycle.  There are many twists, turns, leaps, and falls.


You are equipped to handle the turbulence but the key is learning to let go.  There’s so much to let go of starting with the ego.  That’s not an easy thing to do which is why there are cycles to awakening.  You’re shedding layers in order to reveal your truth; your authenticity.  Keep in mind, it’s more about remembering not changing.  So, let’s start remembering together.


Love and Light,