My all natural remedy for acne!



In the market for something all natural to keep breakouts under control without breaking the bank?  Ever tried tea tree oil?  First, let me tell you…This stuff is AMAZING and inexpensive!  I personally have a thing for the smell of tea tree oil too.  Not only do I love the smell but I love the clean, fresh feeling I get after I tone my skin with it in the morning and at night (when I remember to do my nightly regimen).   Never heard of it or  never tried it?  Maybe you have used it but you applied it to your skin without diluting it and it irritated your skin?  Whatever the case, you need to know that tea tree oil is a game changer for real regarding skincare.  Proper use can bring positive results!  First let me break down all of the amazingness of that which is tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil for topical use derives from the leaves of the tea tree.  There’s a tea plant too but don’t get them twisted.  My beloved tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves from the tree not the plant.   Tea tree oil is anti fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial hence the reason it works so well to prevent and treat acne.  It is also an ingredient in one of my favorite conditioners which I use to cleanse my hair weekly:  Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner…Not only does it have one of my favorite all natural oils in the ingredients but it’s only $3!!  To find out more uses of tea tree oil click here.

Tea tree oil itself can be drying if used alone because it is so concentrated like most essential oils.  So, be sure to dilute it before applying it to your skin whether you are adding it to an oil or liquid.  Also, just like anything else applied to your skin be sure to test a small area before applying it all over your face.  Everyone’s skin is different and reacts to products differently.

My makeup-less skin in natural light

Personally, I have had nothing but great results with tea tree oil which I’ve been using as an all natural acne treatment for years now.  It is a major part of my morning and nighttime skincare routine.  Every time I cleanse my face I use tea tree oil along with witch hazel as my toner.  After I cleanse my face, I soak a cotton pad with witch hazel and add a drop or two of tea tree oil.  If I have any breakouts I gently press the witch hazel/tea tree oil soaked pad on the inflamed areas for a few seconds more to be sure it really absorbs.  Then I moisturize as usual alternating between either argan oil, my organic botanics day cream moisturizer, or sometimes both simultaneously. It depends on what my skin needs at the time.

The cleansing method is crucial to product absorption because you want to be sure that your pores have been deeply cleansed of dirt, residue and anything else that may be lurking in there.   I’ll be discussing my cleansing routine including the oil cleansing method in a future post.   I’ll explain how I use mainly natural products to cleanse and alternate with other products due to my skin’s needs specifically when I have a break out!  Have you ever tried tea tree oil?  If so, what have been your experiences with it?  If you do try it let me know how it works!

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My au natural skincare regimen…No filter!

My beauty regimen has changed so much over the years.  One of the lessons I learned along the way was that you do not have to use expensive or high end products to keep your skin looking its best.  Let me stress that my best may not equal your best.  I’m happy with the skin I’m in now and that is all that matters.  Is my skin “perfect”?  No, I still have some imperfections but it’s not that serious.  Do I still get an occasional pimple? Yes, and I am perfectly fine with that too because I know it is likely to happen no matter what I do.  The world is not going to end if you get a pimple and you will still be fabulous with or without it.  That lesson is learned through maturity though.

At the end of the day we all would prefer to have minimal to no acne versus having acne all over our face.  So, let’s keep it real and admit that although it is really not be the end of the world when we do have acne for some it is.  I have transformed my skin from having moderate acne  to regaining clear skin with the help of a product that I wholeheartedly stand behind.  It takes more than just one product or solely products to gain clarity…Literally!

Tea tree oil is amazing! First, let me say I love the smell…Haha…I know not many can say the same but I absolutely love the smell of tea tree oil.  My mom inspired me to choose more natural products for healing overall which was where my interest in holistic healing originated. She would use tea tree oil for different things but mainly for skin ailments. She also preaches heavily about the amazingness of that which is apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s brand that is) for the skin and everything else!  With that said, regarding my passion for natural healing, I literally get it from my mama!!

After years of spending money on expensive products, cheaper products and natural products I finally found tea tree oil to be the most effective to prevent and treat my acne!   I wanted to  incorporate a toner into my skin regimen again.  I used witch hazel alone which was good but did nothing to combat the pimples that would turn up periodically.   One day I was researching natural acne treatments and came upon an article on how to use tea tree oil to treat acne.  I learned from personal experience that using it undiluted was not the best idea because of its potency as it could cause more harm than good by irritating the skin.

So naturally I decided to use it in conjunction with the witch hazel as a toner all over my face.  When I began using it this way I saw a change in my skin.  My acne was reduced to maybe a few at a time to none at all.  Now I rarely get breakouts except around that time of month which is pretty much inevitable.  I don’t think my skin is perfect by a long shot but I can say that it is the clearest it has been in years.   I can now sometimes just wash my face with warm water in the morning instead of using a cleanser. THAT has never really been an option for me before!    I wear less makeup now because I do not feel the need to wear it which is a clear indication to me that what I have been doing is working.   I feel more confident now and the best part about it is I don’t feel like I am a slave to some prescription medication or expensive products.  Tea tree oil is affordable and clean.

My skin regimen:

From left to right: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash grapefruit formula, Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil, Target brand witch hazel, Acure brand argan oil, Trader Joe's tea tree oil, Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, Aztec Healing Clay (combine with aloe vera juice or acv for a facial mask)
The arsenal from left to right: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash grapefruit formula, Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil, Target brand witch hazel, Acure brand argan oil, Trader Joe’s tea tree oil, Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, Aztec Healing Clay (combine with aloe vera juice or acv for a facial mask) and cotton pads

Daily:  Cleanse my face with warm water or cleanser of choice (sweet almond oil, neutrogena oil free grapefruit face wash) using hands or white facecloth…Rinse…Then pat dry…Next, I apply my  toner consisting of  a cotton pad soaked with witch hazel  and one to two drops of tea tree oil.  Lastly, I moisturize with Acure argan oil (another holy grail).

As needed or once/twice per week:  Use St. Ive’s apricot scrub with salicylic acid preferably at night before applying a mask

Although I did mention cleansing with water or a Neutrogena cleanser which I’m really only using to finish up the bottle,  I predominately cleanse with water or almond oil, tone, and moisturize.   Less is more!   I try to use a mask every week but sometimes I get lazy.  My skin is behaving lately and it has been years since I have felt comfortable going out with no makeup (concealer and powder) on.  I owe it to the reduction of acne and scarring due to my tea tree oil toner nipping those pimples in the bud.  I will do separate posts on my other holy grails and products I use as they deserve there own spotlight!

I must add that the key to healthy skin is not solely based on products as I have adjusted my lifestyle including my diet and water intake over the past several years.  This is what has worked for me.   Everyone is different so some may or may not have success but it’s worth a try.   I attribute the effectiveness of the products I use to my internal health as well though.  I try my best to eat as clean as possible.  Predominantly,  I stick to plenty of veggies, fruit, lean proteins (chicken, fish, turkey), water, and green tea.  Everything else besides red meat which I do not eat at all I consume in moderation.  I eat a very minimal amount of pork…I cannot resist a pepperoni pizza sometimes.  I’m working on improving my lifestyle daily.  It’s a process but I must be doing something right so if it ain’t broke…Below are pics of the transformation of my skin from 2012 when the worst case of acne I have ever experienced began until now.

March 2011-Still using birth control which not only kept pregnancy under control but kept my acne under control too
March 2011-No makeup after working out; Still using birth control which not only kept pregnancy under control but kept my acne under control too
May 2012 after I discontinued birth control and my skin went crazy...Judging from the look on my face, I was not happy
May 2012-After discontinuing birth control and my skin went crazy…Judging from the look on my face, I was not happy
Same as pic above from 2012 just the opposite side of my face
May 2012-Same as pic above from 2012 just the opposite side of my face
Nov 2015 no foundation or concealer just moisturizer
Nov 2015- Makeup less with only moisturizer
Nov 2015 much clearer skin; almost back to top pic when I was taking birth control
Nov 2015-Much clearer skin after changing regimen and lifestyle changes;back to clearer skin same as first pic when I was on birth control
Nov 2015-Same as pic above just opposite side of face