Superfood Wednesday: Kale!



Versatile, full of flavor and a multitude of health benefits.  Can’t go wrong with kale.


Spiritual Thursdays: Vibrate higher with music!

Peace Soulstars,

You know what? My love for music runs so deep I couldn’t imagine our world without it.  May sound corny but those are my feelings.  Speaking of feelings, music can generate many depending on the vibration.  Ever been in a terrible mood in the car and a song comes on the radio and you get instantly happy?  Or sometimes the total flip side hits where you become saddened or angry while listening to certain songs.  Yep, music vibrations are awesome;  they’re quite euphoric at times too especially when you realize how to choose the best music to increase your vibration.  Check out this post from which describes 3 key factors in selecting music to raise your vibration.

Love and Light,