Inspire Me Mondays: Energy Speaks Louder than Words

Peace Soulstars,

Just a helpful reminder that has become quite useful for me lately:

Before you speak, ask yourself three questions:

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

If not, it’s wise to keep quiet and continue to observe.  It’s never been a bad idea to be highly observant.  Remain vigilant of everything and be mindful of what is being said, done, and most importantly how things make you feel.  We cannot control what goes on externally but we have total control over our inner peace.  Be protective of your inner peace.  Keep watch over it the same as you would your most prized possession.  If people are uncomfortable with your silence, then let them.  You don’t have to feel compelled to do anything against your will.

Love and Light,




Spiritual Thursdays: Awakenings…



Peace Soulstars,

Most of you have heard of the term “awakening“.  Some may not be aware of the paradigm shift which is affecting the consciousness of many.  In short, this paradigm shift involves changing from an old way of thinking and doing things to a new way.  It’s more complex when you start to really look into what all comprises this shift but in general terms it is just about “out with the old, in with the new”.   We’re all witnessing these changes before our eyes.  Depending on your level of consciousness you get it while others not so much.   You miss the mark when you automatically assume that the outcome or goal is to become positive all of the time.  Another misconception is that the process is a pleasant experience.


Unless you’re living under a rock, you notice that people are changing   their lifestyle to include what they eat, the way they live, how they treat one another and even to the extent of questioning their life purpose.  Then, on a larger scale we even begin to make changes on a macro level where we not only question what affects us in our immediate surroundings but on a global scale.  Hence, the increase of protests against police brutality, violence in general, and citizens using their voice to bring awareness to other social issues.

There are levels to awareness and they are different for everyone because all of us on our own path.   It’s not all what it seems either.  That’s why it’s not for the fainthearted and when things get really real you either push through or fold by returning to the old ways.  Ego is not your friend during enlightenment. It’s not all positive either.  I could list some signs but they vary depending on the person and I don’t want to evoke any feelings of inferiority if you find that you cannot relate.  I think the following puts it simply and has more universal meaning:


Love and light,


Spiritual Thursdays: Embrace the yang with the yin

Photo from Ivan

Peace Soulstars,

What is spirituality anyway?  Do we even know or do we just adopt a definition that has been passed down from generation to generation? Do we ever take into consideration how we perceive spirituality as individuals?  As I began diving deep in the beginning of my spiritual journey I put far too much pressure on myself to “be positive” all of the time.  I eventually learned that this isn’t possible.   It’s actually not healthy to try to be positive all of the time.  I used to think that spirituality has a specific meaning but in actuality it doesn’t.  It’s subjective and really has more to do with the individual, their intention, and perception.  One aspect of spirituality that is universal is that it involves consciousness.

To me, spirituality has to do with expanding my consciousness of self,  with my higher self, God, nature, the world, other people in a way that connects us all.  Ultimately, we are all one but we’ve been bombarded with a bunch of b.s. that has programmed us to believe that we are separate.  Granted, I do appreciate those aspects of us as individuals which make us unique but we’ve become a society which has placed so much emphasis on differences that we’ve created division, hierarchy, control, hate, conflict, war and many other social constructs that do not serve us.

I support the concept of being the change you want to see no matter who you are, or what race, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation etc.  We are ALL capable of doing just that.  That is what furthered my interest into diving deeper in my spirituality.  I have learned that I have some unresolved issues which have slowed my progress of evolving as a spiritual being.  I placed so much focus on this physical world that I lost myself along the way.  At the same time I’ve realized that those dark moments were a part of my journey.

Life is very complex and it serves me best based on my experience to embrace those dark moments for what they are.  Just go with the flow and sit in those feelings because when you ignore them and get distracted you’re going to have to face them at some point because there is always a yang to the yin.  Positive and negative forces can be interchangeable, one in the same, both sides of the same coin.  However you look at it,  you cannot have one without the other. That’s what makes this life beautiful.  Blessings to you all always during the holidays and after! Positive and high vibes to you all!

Love and Light,