Spiritual Thursdays: Menstruation…A blessing not a curse


Peace Soulstars,

Hmmm, menstruation…The “dreaded” topic of discussion by many…Embraced by so few yet a process that’s so powerful and even majestic but only some have come to actually realize it’s more of a blessing than a “curse”.  I actually don’t see it as a “curse” at all.  I have no proof of such for one but I admit that I once believed that when Eve took a bite out of that apple it marked our doom as women.  Eventually, I started to question some of my old habits and beliefs.  As a woman, feminism is an intricate part of my being and menstruation plays a major role in femininity.  Why the shame?


How could something so sacred that makes us creators of life be deemed part of a curse?  God forbid more women actually start thinking for themselves and seek truth on their own which can lead to gradual de-stigmatization of feminism. How about replacing that sense of shame with empowerment, self love, perhaps even alchemy? That level of transformation would be a true game changer.  In all honesty, it can be extremely painful and damn near debilitating for some. Thankfully, I’m not in that category but I have my days when the pain is heavier than usual so I make self care mandatory.


Your menses is for slowing down, release, and introspection.  If you don’t meditate often, make a point to do something relaxing during this time.  Pampering yourself does wonders.  Remember meditation is not limited to sitting in lotus pose.  I cannot stress enough how imperative rituals are at this time.  Our menstrual cycles not only represent a time to rest but also time to reconnect to spirit.  Rituals, meditation, introspection, and even journaling can aid in releasing anything that does not serve you especially those suppressed emotions.  The relaxation and pampering serves to transmute any hurt, anger or other negative energy that is released.


Women have a deep rooted connection to nature making us exceptional as physical and spiritual beings.  Since the beginning of time women have reverenced nature to connect with spirit, higher self, God or some higher power depending on the culture.  Universally speaking, menstruation is where femininity and spirituality meet.  As Nuit Moore so eloquently stated “menstruation is sacred beautiful lunar ancient holy feminine power”.

Love and Light,






Self Care Fridays: Honor your feminine power…



“Yoni” is the sanskrit word for the female genitalia which means “sacred space.”

Peace Soulstars,

Your sacred space is not confined to the space within your home where you meditate, relax, or find solace from the outside chaos.  We focus so much on clearing outside forces that we tend to forget about the inside.  You also have a sacred space within.  As women, nothing compares to our divine feminine energy within which starts with our yoni.  Adopting ancient healing practices including ayurveda for yoni health is imperative in my spiritual journey.  Honor your sacred space by reclaiming the feminine power we all have at some point or presently neglect.  We’re so jaded by Western medicine that we fail to understand that it’s only meant to keep us sick so they can profit from our illness.

Do your own research on best natural healing practices for yoni health.  There’s a ton of information about how to connect to your divine feminine energy.  Keep an open mind and toss out the old beliefs from the programming we’re bombarded with from Western culture.  They aren’t for your highest good only to fatten the pockets of those affiliated with the pharmaceutical companies.  Here are some basic yoni health tips:

Yoni Health tips:

  • wear cotton underwear
  • avoid sleeping in underwear
  • use a separate ph balanced wash for your yoni
  • avoid tight clothes that constrict the yoni area
  • take epsom salt or sea salt baths weekly
  • use unbleached, cotton pads or tampons during your menses
  • completely avoid feminine products (most are filled with chemicals that do more harm than good)
  • consider meditations that focus on connecting with feminine energy, the womb, and reproductive parts

I’ll be following up on this as I explore other practices such as the use of yoni eggs, yoni steams, and other natural alternatives including herbs for yoni health.

Love and light,