Wellness Wednesday: Gemini Supermoon and Full moon rituals!


Peace Soulstars,

Wednesdays are now “Wellness” Wednesdays to allow for more flexibility in the type of information I share.  I’ll still include super foods into the mix but I have other information to share so I wanted to switch it up a bit.  So, for the sake of being thorough in my attempt to advocate for mind, body, soul connection I want to start off this Wellness Wednesday with a brief introduction to moon rituals.  In honor of this Gemini Supermoon we’ve been blessed to witness, I wanted to share this full moon ritual with you.  I’ve been doing full moon rituals for the past few months every full moon.  One word describes my experience.  AMAZING.

In short, moon rituals involve energy work for the purpose of helping you clear and release what does not serve you (full moon ritual) to make room for what does serve you by setting new intentions as to what you want to manifest (new moon ritual).  This is what works for me.  You may not be into it and that’s fine.  I just thought I’d share for those who are interested.  Mysticlipstick, who also goes by “mysticxlipstick” on twitter and instagram is an astrologist who knows her stuff.  I find her extensive knowledge of zodiac signs to be intriguing.  She’s got skills.  So,  of course I couldn’t help but wonder about these moon rituals she’s known for posting on twitter during the new moon and full moon cycles.

Many have been able to attest to the power of moon rituals as an effective tool for energy work including myself.  You have from now until tomorrow before midnight to do the ritual which can be done during the day or night.  Check out a brief description of the purpose of this full moon ritual along with  instructions for a full moon ritual here!  Not into twitter or just don’t want to deal with twitter?  Well, you can also sign up on her website  for free to get the deets on the full moon ritual for this gemini supermoon cycle which ends tomorrow at 11:59pm.  After registering which takes all of maybe 2 minutes (approximately) you’ll just click on “Members Universe” which will take you to the gemini supermoon ritual post.  With each cycle there’s a different area being the target of focus for release.  Full moon blessings to all!

Love and Light,