Spiritual Thursday: Soulwork…It’s necessary

Peace Soulstars,

I cannot and will not stress enough how important soul work is.  Contrary to what many believe we are mostly non-physical beings. Our physical body makes up a small portion of our being…I mean minuscule.

This is the one thousand and tenth reason why it’s utterly ridiculous for people to place more emphasis on appearance and skin color than they do on one’s character.  Putting it more accurately we place emphasis on appearance etc. instead of energy and vibes.

Here’s a quote from Abraham Hicks to ponder “You are source energy.  You came from non-physical and while you were non-physical before you came into these physical bodies.  You still are for the most part predominantly that nonphysical consciousness but that’s hard for you to know because you have come into this personality and the awareness of what’s going on here, what you’re observing is so dominate and so real you call it reality…”

Love and light,



Inspire Me Mondays: Everything is a process

Peace Soulstars,

So, I’ve been quite the yogi that I didn’t realize that I would become recently after participating in a yoga challenge.  It’s still in progress and I’m learning a lot along the way.  I noticed the other day when some old habits started to creep up on me.  I had to shut them down.  That’s progress in itself because I didn’t always shit it down.  I let it take over…

I was practicing sugar cane pose; a challenge for me right now.  It’s a process.  Everything is. While practicing, I got frustrated at one point and plopped down on the couch feeling slightly defeated.

I immediately acknowledged my reaction and chose not to let this temporary situation keep me from pushing forward.  Besides, I’m not a quitter. Quitting doesn’t resonate with me.  So, I got back up and tried it again.

I realized that this is the same way I reacted to challenges in the past. I’d get so focused on where I want to be that I forget to embrace where I am at the time.  I forget to acknowledge that this is life.  This is a part of the process of growth and evolution.  I was also reminded that yoga is beyond physical fitness.

Yoga was not created to become the fitness craze it has morphed into in western society.  It’s a lifestyle that requires more mental effort than physical.  Actually, it begins and ends on the spiritual level.  That takes time to develop and is not something you can just jump into.  It defeats the purpose and a total disrespect to the culture.

The takeaway?  Don’t take yourself or life too seriously.  Embrace the stages of life and try not to force things to happen.  Forcing things pushes you out of alignment and sets you back.  If it doesn’t happen naturally, it’s not meant to be.

You will get there when it’s your time to get there. Until then, take your time and embrace the stages.  Acknowledge the frustration but don’t let it keep you from moving forward.

Love and light,


Friday “Feels”

Peace Soulstars,

Happy Friday!  I may be a little late but I’m lovin’ the summertime vibe of “Feels”.  I’ve always had a multidimensional style of music.  I love anything that has a beat that moves me. Speaking of frequencies and high vibrations, this song is no exception. Oh yeah, and I’ll be sharing more feel good music more often.  Music is my therapy.  So, it’s only natural that I spread the love.  Catch the video below!

Love and Light,

Spiritual Thursdays: Embrace the yang with the yin

Photo from Ivan Guaderrama.com

Peace Soulstars,

What is spirituality anyway?  Do we even know or do we just adopt a definition that has been passed down from generation to generation? Do we ever take into consideration how we perceive spirituality as individuals?  As I began diving deep in the beginning of my spiritual journey I put far too much pressure on myself to “be positive” all of the time.  I eventually learned that this isn’t possible.   It’s actually not healthy to try to be positive all of the time.  I used to think that spirituality has a specific meaning but in actuality it doesn’t.  It’s subjective and really has more to do with the individual, their intention, and perception.  One aspect of spirituality that is universal is that it involves consciousness.

To me, spirituality has to do with expanding my consciousness of self,  with my higher self, God, nature, the world, other people in a way that connects us all.  Ultimately, we are all one but we’ve been bombarded with a bunch of b.s. that has programmed us to believe that we are separate.  Granted, I do appreciate those aspects of us as individuals which make us unique but we’ve become a society which has placed so much emphasis on differences that we’ve created division, hierarchy, control, hate, conflict, war and many other social constructs that do not serve us.

I support the concept of being the change you want to see no matter who you are, or what race, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation etc.  We are ALL capable of doing just that.  That is what furthered my interest into diving deeper in my spirituality.  I have learned that I have some unresolved issues which have slowed my progress of evolving as a spiritual being.  I placed so much focus on this physical world that I lost myself along the way.  At the same time I’ve realized that those dark moments were a part of my journey.

Life is very complex and it serves me best based on my experience to embrace those dark moments for what they are.  Just go with the flow and sit in those feelings because when you ignore them and get distracted you’re going to have to face them at some point because there is always a yang to the yin.  Positive and negative forces can be interchangeable, one in the same, both sides of the same coin.  However you look at it,  you cannot have one without the other. That’s what makes this life beautiful.  Blessings to you all always during the holidays and after! Positive and high vibes to you all!

Love and Light,



Inspire Me Mondays: Want change? You gotta put in work.

“Faith without works is dead…”

Peace Soulstars,

So often we’re bombarded with the notion that we need to “think and be positive”. Then we have the audacity to add “no matter what’s going on”.  More times than not we think that this means we must ignore the negative thoughts and feelings altogether.  This is where we make a huge mistake.  Being positive doesn’t mean that you should ignore what makes you uncomfortable.  It’s the same concept as taking medicine instead of treating the root of the problem when addressing an illness.  The medicine only scratches at the surface.  If you don’t get to the cause of the problem it’s pointless to just treat the symptoms.  The problem will still be there.  You can try to recite all of the mantras and affirmations in the world, you can read books, and even follow your favorite spiritual gurus on instagram and youtube.  If you don’t put in the work, you are just moving around in circles going nowhere.  Thinking positive alone is not going to cut it if you haven’t addressed what brings you pain.

Real talk.  I am speaking from experience when I say that “faith without works is dead”.   I used to go to church, hear the “word”, sing and clap along to the choir but when I went home I didn’t follow through.  I didn’t continue to do the work when the real tests came along.  Therefore, I stayed stagnant.  You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t apply the knowledge you receive.  Knowledge is powerful when applied.  Then it becomes wisdom.  That’s where the power comes from.  Wisdom is power.  Don’t let another day go by without putting in the work.  It takes a lot of courage to dive deep.  You have to hold that mirror up to your face with flaws and all.  I’m not talking about the aesthetic flaws either.  I’m referring to what causes you pain.  Once you start identifying where your pain is coming from and you sit in those feelings you have only begun to dig deeper.    No, it’s not easy but how do you think that rose grew from concrete?   It had to put in work to continue to grow even though it was deemed to be impossible.

Love and Light,


Spiritual Thursdays: You’re not crazy, you’re just waking up

5 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

  1.  You feel as though your life is false or empty.
  2.  You’re completely lost.
  3.  You intuitively know that there’s something “more” to life.
  4.  You’re starting to question everything you’ve been taught.
  5.  You feel the need to be alone more often.

Can you relate?  You’re not alone.


Peace Soulstars,

First, I want to stress that these general symptoms are subjective.  You don’t have to have them all but in some way you can identify with them.  Remember, these are only five of many symptoms.  A spiritual awakening (enlightenment) experience is different for everybody.  So, it’s quite difficult to “define” but easier to describe.  Based on my experience, my spiritual awakening began with a “change” in my subconscious which affected how I perceived the world and myself.   There was a desire for a deeper meaning of life which usually involves an urge to explore one’s life purpose.  Because of this urge to explore deeper meanings, understandings, and discovering your life purpose you’ll begin to question a LOT.  It also doesn’t  happen all at once.


It may be questioning your religion and other beliefs, what you eat, what’s going on in the world, the news, media etc.  You start to detach yourself from societal norms and standards that you once followed as you realize you followed blindly.  You may feel a connection to a higher power or desire connection to a higher power.  Feeling a heightened sense of compassion for others including animals, the planet, and issues that don’t just affect you directly.


You may think you’re going crazy or something is wrong with you but actually you are awakening.  I like to refer to it as “remembering” or “returning” to your authentic self because you’re not technically “changing”.  You are just waking up from a slumber so to speak.  It was bound to happen because of the cosmic shift.  The cosmic shift represents a shift in consciousness where people are starting to recognize their connection to the universe and each other as a whole.  A need to shed oneself of old habits, patterns, behaviors and thought processes plays a huge part in the subconscious change during one’s awakening.


Here’s something else that’s interesting…You can have more than one awakening.  There are levels to this because life is complex.   Awakenings don’t just flow in a specific order starting and then ending in one cycle.  There are many twists, turns, leaps, and falls.


You are equipped to handle the turbulence but the key is learning to let go.  There’s so much to let go of starting with the ego.  That’s not an easy thing to do which is why there are cycles to awakening.  You’re shedding layers in order to reveal your truth; your authenticity.  Keep in mind, it’s more about remembering not changing.  So, let’s start remembering together.


Love and Light,


Spiritual Thursdays: You don’t have a soul, you are a soul


Peace Soulstars,

On Thursdays,  we’ll be focusing on Spirituality.  Spirituality plays a huge part in who I am and everything that I do.  It’s the motivation behind this blog and what has led me to become a numerology believing, crystal toting, heavily praying, reading, and meditating spiritual warrior.   We’re each a masterpiece but also a work in progress because we’re always learning.  Spiritual journeys are unique to the individual.  My experiences have sent me on a roller coaster of emotions from being speechless to  tears at times.  This is a topic that some can’t handle because of a lack of understanding.  I’ll never try to force anyone to believe anything they don’t want to believe.  That’s not what I’m about.  I’m  about helping people to vibrate higher by walking the walk.

Spirituality is subjective.  My experience is exclusive to me and me alone. There may be others who can relate and have similar experiences but no two are the same.  Some cannot relate at all and will probably call me weird or crazy.  That’s fine but respect my “house” aka this blog, the readers, this space…me.  This is a no judgment zone.  If only we could respect our differences more and see them as opportunities to learn more about each other instead of contributing to division we could change the world.  Scratch that…We ARE changing the world little by little the more we raise awareness and consciousness by practicing what we preach.

Speaking of practicing what we preach,  it’s imperative when you’re in the “helping” field i.e. social worker, therapist, teacher etc.  Honestly, I think it’s imperative no matter what your career field.   As a counselor,  I used to heavily emphasize that it should be priority that we continue to educate ourselves not only on therapeutic techniques but on self; self-awareness that is.  When our self awareness is weak,  we fail to realize that we cannot be of service to anyone especially not in the helping capacity.  That’s what led me to exploring a deeper sense of my mind, body, connection and share it with you.

I’m no expert.  I’m learning just like you.   I’m always in learning mode.  I know more now than I did years ago but the awakening experience is so much more complex than some think. This is a space for questions, learning, checking each other (and ourselves) respectfully and enjoying the ride. It’s a journey consisting of many twists and turns.  You fall and it may take you a while but you get back up.  You sometimes think you’re losing your mind but if you just keep going and remain vigilant you’ll reach a point of calm after the storm.

I look forward to sharing my spiritual journey with you and I hope that some of you are inspired to share your story as well.  I’ll leave you with this.  There’s a reason we question certain things, why we start to change the way we eat and live as a whole.  Your soul is in the process of shedding all of the layers that have kept it from shining.  You are light.   You are so much more than your physical body; far beyond what this material world could ever provide.

Love and Light,