Spiritual Thursdays: Menstruation…A blessing not a curse


Peace Soulstars,

Hmmm, menstruation…The “dreaded” topic of discussion by many…Embraced by so few yet a process that’s so powerful and even majestic but only some have come to actually realize it’s more of a blessing than a “curse”.  I actually don’t see it as a “curse” at all.  I have no proof of such for one but I admit that I once believed that when Eve took a bite out of that apple it marked our doom as women.  Eventually, I started to question some of my old habits and beliefs.  As a woman, feminism is an intricate part of my being and menstruation plays a major role in femininity.  Why the shame?


How could something so sacred that makes us creators of life be deemed part of a curse?  God forbid more women actually start thinking for themselves and seek truth on their own which can lead to gradual de-stigmatization of feminism. How about replacing that sense of shame with empowerment, self love, perhaps even alchemy? That level of transformation would be a true game changer.  In all honesty, it can be extremely painful and damn near debilitating for some. Thankfully, I’m not in that category but I have my days when the pain is heavier than usual so I make self care mandatory.


Your menses is for slowing down, release, and introspection.  If you don’t meditate often, make a point to do something relaxing during this time.  Pampering yourself does wonders.  Remember meditation is not limited to sitting in lotus pose.  I cannot stress enough how imperative rituals are at this time.  Our menstrual cycles not only represent a time to rest but also time to reconnect to spirit.  Rituals, meditation, introspection, and even journaling can aid in releasing anything that does not serve you especially those suppressed emotions.  The relaxation and pampering serves to transmute any hurt, anger or other negative energy that is released.


Women have a deep rooted connection to nature making us exceptional as physical and spiritual beings.  Since the beginning of time women have reverenced nature to connect with spirit, higher self, God or some higher power depending on the culture.  Universally speaking, menstruation is where femininity and spirituality meet.  As Nuit Moore so eloquently stated “menstruation is sacred beautiful lunar ancient holy feminine power”.

Love and Light,






Spiritual Thursdays: Awakenings…



Peace Soulstars,

Most of you have heard of the term “awakening“.  Some may not be aware of the paradigm shift which is affecting the consciousness of many.  In short, this paradigm shift involves changing from an old way of thinking and doing things to a new way.  It’s more complex when you start to really look into what all comprises this shift but in general terms it is just about “out with the old, in with the new”.   We’re all witnessing these changes before our eyes.  Depending on your level of consciousness you get it while others not so much.   You miss the mark when you automatically assume that the outcome or goal is to become positive all of the time.  Another misconception is that the process is a pleasant experience.


Unless you’re living under a rock, you notice that people are changing   their lifestyle to include what they eat, the way they live, how they treat one another and even to the extent of questioning their life purpose.  Then, on a larger scale we even begin to make changes on a macro level where we not only question what affects us in our immediate surroundings but on a global scale.  Hence, the increase of protests against police brutality, violence in general, and citizens using their voice to bring awareness to other social issues.

There are levels to awareness and they are different for everyone because all of us on our own path.   It’s not all what it seems either.  That’s why it’s not for the fainthearted and when things get really real you either push through or fold by returning to the old ways.  Ego is not your friend during enlightenment. It’s not all positive either.  I could list some signs but they vary depending on the person and I don’t want to evoke any feelings of inferiority if you find that you cannot relate.  I think the following puts it simply and has more universal meaning:


Love and light,


Spiritual Thursdays: Embrace the yang with the yin

Photo from Ivan Guaderrama.com

Peace Soulstars,

What is spirituality anyway?  Do we even know or do we just adopt a definition that has been passed down from generation to generation? Do we ever take into consideration how we perceive spirituality as individuals?  As I began diving deep in the beginning of my spiritual journey I put far too much pressure on myself to “be positive” all of the time.  I eventually learned that this isn’t possible.   It’s actually not healthy to try to be positive all of the time.  I used to think that spirituality has a specific meaning but in actuality it doesn’t.  It’s subjective and really has more to do with the individual, their intention, and perception.  One aspect of spirituality that is universal is that it involves consciousness.

To me, spirituality has to do with expanding my consciousness of self,  with my higher self, God, nature, the world, other people in a way that connects us all.  Ultimately, we are all one but we’ve been bombarded with a bunch of b.s. that has programmed us to believe that we are separate.  Granted, I do appreciate those aspects of us as individuals which make us unique but we’ve become a society which has placed so much emphasis on differences that we’ve created division, hierarchy, control, hate, conflict, war and many other social constructs that do not serve us.

I support the concept of being the change you want to see no matter who you are, or what race, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation etc.  We are ALL capable of doing just that.  That is what furthered my interest into diving deeper in my spirituality.  I have learned that I have some unresolved issues which have slowed my progress of evolving as a spiritual being.  I placed so much focus on this physical world that I lost myself along the way.  At the same time I’ve realized that those dark moments were a part of my journey.

Life is very complex and it serves me best based on my experience to embrace those dark moments for what they are.  Just go with the flow and sit in those feelings because when you ignore them and get distracted you’re going to have to face them at some point because there is always a yang to the yin.  Positive and negative forces can be interchangeable, one in the same, both sides of the same coin.  However you look at it,  you cannot have one without the other. That’s what makes this life beautiful.  Blessings to you all always during the holidays and after! Positive and high vibes to you all!

Love and Light,



Spiritual Thursdays: Attention Goes Where Energy Flows



Peace Soulstars,

Many say “attention goes where energy flows”.  In other words, this means that input determines output.  This concept is related to the law of attraction which is somewhat controversial because some feel that it’s b.s.  It depends on the situation, individual, circumstances and many other factors whether the law of attraction rings true.  Generally speaking,  It’s quite accurate but feel free to test the theory.  In the meantime, I’ll do what works for me.

Think of how you start your day off on the wrong foot and then as you continue to go throughout the day you are still harping on that one thing that went wrong.  Enter a never ending series of complaints… Inevitably, a few more unlikely situations follow the rhythm that you set for the day.  Once you start off with the intentions that have a negative undertone you’re setting yourself up for failure.  The best way to set the rhythm for the day is to start off understanding and knowing that first, no day is “perfect”.

You choose whether or not you will let situations control you or not based on your reaction.  Then, decide to focus your energy on what serves your highest and greatest good.  Easier said than done….I know. Trust me when I say it’s possible.  I’ve come a LOOOOONNNNGGG way.

Love and Light,






Spiritual Thursdays: Chakras…An Introduction.


When you’re alignment is so strong that nothing and no one can lower your vibrations…GOALS!

Peace Soulstars,

So, Monday I shared my thoughts on putting in work.  I know that I’ve named many spiritual practices which can be overwhelming if you don’t pace yourself.  Don’t try them all at once.  That’s the beauty of this life.  There are a variety of things to keep you motivated and stimulated so you can stay motivated.  I’m just putting the information out there.  We need to advocate as much as possible about wellness with emphasis on mind, body, connection.  Our bodies are real powerhouses.  We just need to learn how to tap into the power that lies within.

Mindbodygreen.com is one of my favorite sites for all things wellness.  They have many articles on the chakras.  Here is an article from the site which gives you a general yet thorough description of the 7 main chakras.  I hope you find it helpful.  I’ll be sharing more about chakras as I learn more through books like The Power of Chakras.  I hope you find this helpful!

Love and Light,


Spiritual Thursdays: You’re not crazy, you’re just waking up

5 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

  1.  You feel as though your life is false or empty.
  2.  You’re completely lost.
  3.  You intuitively know that there’s something “more” to life.
  4.  You’re starting to question everything you’ve been taught.
  5.  You feel the need to be alone more often.

Can you relate?  You’re not alone.


Peace Soulstars,

First, I want to stress that these general symptoms are subjective.  You don’t have to have them all but in some way you can identify with them.  Remember, these are only five of many symptoms.  A spiritual awakening (enlightenment) experience is different for everybody.  So, it’s quite difficult to “define” but easier to describe.  Based on my experience, my spiritual awakening began with a “change” in my subconscious which affected how I perceived the world and myself.   There was a desire for a deeper meaning of life which usually involves an urge to explore one’s life purpose.  Because of this urge to explore deeper meanings, understandings, and discovering your life purpose you’ll begin to question a LOT.  It also doesn’t  happen all at once.


It may be questioning your religion and other beliefs, what you eat, what’s going on in the world, the news, media etc.  You start to detach yourself from societal norms and standards that you once followed as you realize you followed blindly.  You may feel a connection to a higher power or desire connection to a higher power.  Feeling a heightened sense of compassion for others including animals, the planet, and issues that don’t just affect you directly.


You may think you’re going crazy or something is wrong with you but actually you are awakening.  I like to refer to it as “remembering” or “returning” to your authentic self because you’re not technically “changing”.  You are just waking up from a slumber so to speak.  It was bound to happen because of the cosmic shift.  The cosmic shift represents a shift in consciousness where people are starting to recognize their connection to the universe and each other as a whole.  A need to shed oneself of old habits, patterns, behaviors and thought processes plays a huge part in the subconscious change during one’s awakening.


Here’s something else that’s interesting…You can have more than one awakening.  There are levels to this because life is complex.   Awakenings don’t just flow in a specific order starting and then ending in one cycle.  There are many twists, turns, leaps, and falls.


You are equipped to handle the turbulence but the key is learning to let go.  There’s so much to let go of starting with the ego.  That’s not an easy thing to do which is why there are cycles to awakening.  You’re shedding layers in order to reveal your truth; your authenticity.  Keep in mind, it’s more about remembering not changing.  So, let’s start remembering together.


Love and Light,


Spiritual Thursdays: The Science of Change

“You have the power over your health and wellbeing.  You are in control of your cells and your genes.  Your thoughts and environment can heal you from the inside out…”

Peace Soulstars,

My current obsession besides moon cycles (Did you see that beautiful Supermoon?), and epsom salt baths in the moonlight is Epigenetics.  I didn’t know that what I’ve been discussing with my husband for the past few days actually has a name.  The nature of our conversations have been about how family trauma that goes back to your ancestors can affects us all.   In a nutshell, any thought processes, behavior patterns, experiences and circumstances which had a tremendous impact on your ancestors on down to your parents affects you.  The operative  concept has to do with dna codes.

Genetics involves the effect that your genes have on your body and how it works.  So, when we talk about the mind, body, soul connection it’s not  fluff or some “hippy dippy b.s.” that some like to try to label it as to support their denial.  There is a scientific basis to back this up.  We see this on a regular in society.  Therapists see it firsthand with their clients.  We can try every therapeutic technique in the universe but if the client doesn’t put in work all of the time and energy spent in therapy will be for naught.  Where does epigenetics come into play in this whole process?

Well, not only do you inherit your parents hair texture or color, eye color, body structure, personality traits, etc.  You can also inherit the effects of their lifestyles, traumas, and other external stimuli that they’ve been exposed to.  These effects  serve as “marks” on your DNA.  They also affect how the genes in your DNA function.   If your mother or father were once addicted to drugs or alcohol even prior to you being born this “behavior” or for the sake of being politically correct, this “illness” can be passed on to you unless you reprogram your DNA.  I was listening to a podcast  “The Friend Zone” (Loud Speakers Network) in which one of the hosts, Fran (HeyFranHey) brought up the topic of epigenetics.  Fran , Assante, and Dustin coined the term “breaking the code” which is the equivalent to reprogramming your DNA because the DNA code determines your level of functioning.

“Breaking the code” or “reprogramming your DNA” entail being a free thinker at least to a limited extent but preferably to go beyond one purpose.  With all of that said, if the drug or alcohol addicted parents have two or more kids their lifestyles will determine whether or not they fall victim to the same addictions as their parents.  Pretty simple to understand right?  Well, executing this process may not be depending on many factors which include the child’s susceptibility to risk factors, how the situation is approached The good thing about all of this is if those “marks” are counteractive to you functioning in major parts of your life you can alter the code so to speak.  You cannot do anything about what you initially inherit but you can change how it affects you.

It is a similar concept to using meditation to change the molecular structure of your brain.  Epigenetics supports the whole idea that you have the power to heal yourself.  The key is first realizing this and second figuring out how to use your power.  This goes back to Inspire Me Mondays living from the inside out.  You can do your research on all of this.   It’s a pretty fascinating topic and I’m happy that all roads are leading me to exploring this further.  There’s so much information on the internet, in books,  etc.  I plan to add epigenetics to my long list of topics to look into.  This won’t be the last mentioning of it either.

Love and Light,