Foodie Tuesdays: Southwestern Tofu Scramble


Peace Soulstars,

I have to admit that at first Inwasn’t fond of the idea of substituting tofu for eggs to give a vegan spin on scrambled eggs. I have cooked with tofu before and know that unless you don’t mind soggy or “mushy” textured tofu your best bet is to use extra firm tofu.  Pressing the moisture out of the tofu as if your life depended on it is crucial to getting a nice firm tofu texture.

I learned from doing my research first before experimenting with it.  When Ibteied this recipe for the first time I was pleasantly surprised!  The sauce made of spices including cumin, chili powder and the addition of two of my faves, kale and red peppers make for a flavorful scramble.

I was so hooked that I had it again the next day.  I made a fresh batch of course but did I mention this recipe is not only easy but quick too?  I had it with a side of homefries as pictured.  I’m a fan of southwestern style food too.

This recipe is a win win all around for me.  Hope you try it and love it as much as I do.  You can’t go wrong with a recipe that’s quick, easy, and packed with flavor!  Check out the recipe here!

Love and light,


Vegan Cheese is pretty damn good!


Pictured: Glutino brand multigrain (and gluten free) crackers; daiya jalapeno havarti style cheese

Peace Soulstars,

I thought I’d share my food find from this week because I am searching for healthier snack and meal options.   I discovered a new snack that included an alternative to one of my favorite foods that happens to not be healthy: cheese.  This is my second time trying vegan cheese which is actually not too bad in my opinion.  If you have been following this blog from the beginning you know about my vegegan journey.  I ate primarily vegetarian with some vegan meals for almost two months but Super Bowl day chicken wings nixed that…lol…Recently I’ve decided to ditch the labels and detach myself from the pressures that come with lifestyle changes.  It’s a process and should not make you feel like you are depriving yourself.  I choose to enjoy trying new things and gradually ridding myself of what is not good for me.

Speaking of new things I was inspired to try vegan cheese again after finding this youtube channel.  There are actually so many more options than I thought which means I don’t have to settle for whatever’s in the house.  Instead of chips I can snack on multi grain crackers with vegancheese and a side of apple slices.


This was on point and 10 year old approved because my daughter loved this vegan “cheese” with the crackers.  This was a perfect balance of tarty sweet from the apples (granny smith) with the sharp taste of the cheese.  I think it’s safe to say this was nomtastic! Yes, that is corny but at least it’s original!

Love and Light,